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The reason why we started this newsletter is to educate people on how to profit from financial bubbles (instead of being victimized by them, as so many are) and help market players like you make better decisions. This is what we cover:

  • Optimal entry & exit points in Boom/Bubble/Bust cycles.

  • Bubble stocks list for daytraders to go long or short intraday.

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  • Qualitative & quantitative commentary on financial bubbles past & present from both a macro & micro perspective so you understand why they are so devastating and how you can profit from them (instead of being a victim).

  • Our Summary & investment conclusion: a one page description of where we see markets headed and how to position your portfolio.

  • The old school book review: The absolute best classic investment books you probably have never heard of but must read.

  • A process for developing competitive advantage in trading & investing so you can consistently generate profits

  • The Blockchain Briefing: How to profit from the trends in decentralized finance, distributed ledger technologies, Bitcoin & other Digital Currencies.

  • Serious commentary on the global monetary system - why elites benefit from it at your expense, and how you can turn the tables on them.

  • Anything else related to financial bubbles and investing/trading — If you have anything interesting that you would like researched, or have ideas you would like to submit for discussion and potential inclusion in future bulletins, just let us know!

We are completely independent & beholden to no one. We are not “sponsored” by anyone, accept no advertising whatsoever, and do not accept funds from any outside entity(s) to push any viewpoint or advertisement.

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No one that writes for BoomBustProfits belongs to any political party. An objective, dispassionate view informed by history, logic, and a mental framework optimized to exploit the nature of financial markets is vital to being able to profitably navigate the global financial system and the Boom-Bubble-Bust cycles created by the unsound global monetary system.

We consider ourselves to be global citizens and go where we are most welcome (just as capital does…) in light of risk/reward. There is something here for everyone that is impacted by finance & economics (and who isn’t?..). We consider our writings from the perspective of a Global Multi-Strategy discussion in markets with a good degree of liquidity. The USA is our base currency (and at the time of writing this, still widely considered to be the world’s reserve currency)

We discuss what a potential portfolio may potentially do, but we do not trade on what we discuss. We want to build a base of loyal subscribers that enjoy reading and learning our material. We have been following financial markets since the 1980s, and we no longer want to participate. If that changes, you will be the first to know, but as writing this in early 2021, we are no longer active market players. We have a rather unique perspective, having had several of our own financial booms followed by total wipeouts, and know how to make a comeback or two.

Thanks for learning about our newsletter. If you like this content, please pass it along to someone you think will enjoy it. If you have anything interesting that you would like researched, or have ideas you would like to submit for potential inclusion in future bulletins, just let us know with a CONCISE short paragraph on what it is (via posting a comment).

Disclaimer: The information, tools and material presented herein are provided for informational purposes only and are not to be used or considered as an offer or a solicitation to sell or an offer or solicitation to buy or subscribe for securities, investment products or other financial instruments, nor to constitute any advice or recommendation with respect to such securities, investment products or other financial instruments. Any research report is prepared for general circulation. It does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and the particular needs of any specific person who may receive this report. You should independently evaluate particular investments and consult an independent financial adviser before making any investments or entering into.